Application Portfolio Management and Analysis
arrow_badge_icon.gif i.Sight

Tools that enable strategic planning, and Application Overhaul and Modernization. Reveal the reality of enterprise application portfolios and detailed constructs of business applications.

Platform Modernization
arrow_badge_icon.gif Enterprise

Enterprise application migration, development and test workload rehosting tools, that dramatically reduce the running costs of business applications.

COBOL and Software Developer Tools
arrow_badge_icon.gif Micro Focus Developer

Industry leading off-mainframe COBOL development and deployment tools to modernize business-critical enterprise applications.

Software Requirements Definition and Management
arrow_badge_icon.gif Caliber

Visual software requirements definition and management that ensure applications deliver the precise functionality required.

Software Change and Configuration Management
arrow_badge_icon.gif StarTeam

Tracking changes centrally across the software development lifecycle to ensure diverse teams keep full control of development projects.

Software Test Management, Automation and Performance Testing
arrow_badge_icon.gif Silk

Integrated testing suite that ensures software is comprehensively tested and delivered to the highest standards of quality.

Terminal Emulation and User Interface Modernization
arrow_badge_icon.gif RUMBA

Widely used terminal emulation and user interface modernization that streamlines and modernizes key business processes.

CORBA Middleware

arrow_badge_icon.gif VisiBroker

The world’s most widely deployed CORBA object request broker (ORB) ensures complex distributed applications can be developed, connected and deployed.