Software Quality

Borland integrated quality solutions

Making sure that business software delivers precisely what is needed, when it is needed is central to business success. Borland solutions from Micro Focus help you define and manage requirements, test and manage change. The result: costs are reduced, productivity increases, time to market is greatly improved and customer satisfaction soars.

Check out the integrated software quality approach designed to help manage your application lifecycle.

Closer alignment to business, stronger processes, higher quality gives you better software faster

Micro Focus tools help software development organizations develop and deliver better applications through closer alignment to business, improved quality and faster, stronger delivery processes – independent of language or platform.

Combining Requirements Definition and Management, Testing and Software Change Management tools, Micro Focus offers an integrated software quality approach that is positioned in the leadership quadrant of Gartner Inc’s Magic Quadrant.

These tools are both platform and language agnostic – so whatever your preferred development environment you can benefit from world class tools to define and manage requirements, test your applications early in the lifecycle, and manage software configuration and change

Analyze today to drive improvements for tomorrow

The Micro Focus Application Value Profile (AVP) has helped hundreds of organizations determine the next steps to modernize their business applications successfully.

The AVP compares information from your organization with an extensive database of profiles from companies who have used Micro Focus to deliver process and technology maturity analysis. This gives an unparalleled comparison of how you stand in relation to other companies across your industry, together with a set of recommended next steps for your path to maximum application value.

The Micro Focus Application Value Profile is a powerful analytic tool designed to help you:

  • Understand the value that your mainframe applications deliver and their contribution to the business
  • Plan strategic mainframe modernization initiatives to take your business forward
  • Improve quality by measuring and managing value returned from streamlining and modernizing applications

Define and manage requirements for stronger alignment between software and business needs

Defining and managing requirements is the bedrock for application development and enhancement. Micro Focus uniquely combines requirements definition, visualization, and management into a single ’3-Dimensional’ solution, giving managers, analysts and developers precise detail for engineering their software. By cutting ambiguity, the direction of development and QA teams is clear, strengthening business outcomes.

For one company this delivered an ROI of 6-8 months, 20% increase in project success rates, 30% increase in productivity and a 25% increase in asset re-use.

Using Micro Focus tools to define and manage requirements helps your teams:

  • Collaborate, using pictures to build mindshare, drive a common vision and share responsibility with role-based review and simulations.
  • Reduce waste by finding and removing errors earlier in the lifecycle, eliminating ambiguity and streamlining communication.
  • Improve quality by taking the business need into account when defining the test plan.

Test early and often to find and eliminate defects before they cause harm

Automating the entire quality process, from inception through to software delivery, ensures that tests are planned early and synchronize with business goals even as requirements and realities change. Leaving quality assurance to the end of the lifecycle is expensive and wastes improvement opportunities.

Micro Focus delivers a better approach: Highly automated quality tooling built around visual interfaces and reusability. Tests can be run frequently, earlier in the development lifecycle to catch and eliminate defects rapidly.

From functional testing to cloud-based performance testing, Micro Focus tools help you spot and correct defects rapidly across the application portfolio, even for Web 2.0 applications.

Micro Focus testing solutions help you:

  • Align testing with a clear, shared understanding of business goals focusing test resources where they deliver most value
  • Increase control through greater visibility over all quality activities
  • Improve productivity by catching and driving out defects faster